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Turnovers a concern for John Wall and ROY chances

John Wall officially made his presence known after dropping 29 points, 13 assists and 9 steals during the Washington Wizards‘ season home opener.

The 20-year-old became the youngest player in 25 years to collect at least 25 points, 10 assists and 8 steals in the same game.

While credit is clearly due to the speedster that (according to ESPN’s SportsScience) can run faster while dribbling a basketball than Kevin Durant can run without a ball, turnovers have emerged as a point of concern.

In five games this season Wall has committed a total of 29 turnovers, averaging out to just under six turnovers per contest.

Amongst all starting PG’s who have averaged at least 30 MPG this season, Wall currently ranks second to worst in A/T ratio (Steve Nash being the worst thus far), dishing out just 1.65 assists per turnover.

Wall’s competition, Blake Griffin, has played nothing short of spectacular in seven games this year, posting 18.1 points per game and 11 boards on 50 percent shooting from the field.

Will turnovers put John Wall‘s chances of winning the Rookie of the Year award in jeopardy as the season drags on?

With Gilbert Arenas back in action Wall should see a steady decline in overall numbers, with the assumption that his turnovers will decrease as well.

But how low can they possibly go?

During Wall’s one season at Kentucky, he managed to dish out 6.5 assists per contest while turning the ball over four times per game (his assist-to-turnover ratio was 1.62 for the year).

Wall’s advantageous speed enables him to blow by his opponents for quick finishes at the rim, but it seems like it could also be playing a factor in his turnover rate issue.

The season is still very young and Wall could certainly learn to fix his biggest weakness. His chances of winning the ROY award will go to the wire with Blake Griffin this year.

How do you feel about this topic?

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Top NBA Players Stepping Into Stardom This Season

The top NBA players stepping into stardom this season are players that have never made it to the All-Star game. These players performed exceptionally well last season and have the tools to lift their game to the next level this year.

With the NBA season quickly approaching, NBAPrimetime’s Brandon Ribak presents the top NBA players stepping into stardom this season.

Tyreke Evans (G, SAC)

If winning the Rookie of the Year Award isn’t enough to convince you that Tryeke Evans is destined to become an All-Star this season then maybe this little fun fact will.

Evans was one of only four players to ever average at least 20 PPG, 5 APG, and 5 RPG during his rookie season.

The other three?

Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James. Pretty good company, huh?

Being just 21 years of age, the Memphis alum has all the weapons in his arsenal to improve on last seasons statistics, making him a legitimate candidate for the All-Star selection.

Andrea Bargnani (C, TOR)

Andrea Bargnani was viewed as somewhat of a bust after being selected with the first overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.

With averages of just 12.4 PPG, 4.3 RPG, and 0.8 BPG on 42.1 FG% during his first three years, it was reasonable for Raptors fans to get a bit concerned about their former first overall draft pick.

But after last seasons performance (17.2 PPG, 6.1 RPG, and 1.4 BPG on 47.0 FG%) and the departure of Chris Bosh this offseason, Bargnani has instantly become the face of the Toronto Raptors’ franchise.

Without Bosh taking up 20+ PPG and 10+ RPG, Bargnani’s stats will inevitably increase, giving him potential to average close to a double-double per night (with well above 20 points per contest).

Aaron Brooks (PG, HOU)

Aaron Brooks took home the Most Improved Player Award last season and rightfully so. The point-guard out of Oregon dropped 19.6 PPG, 5.3 APG, and 2.6 RPG in 82 games played.

He managed to lead the league in three-pointers made per game and drained the most three-pointers (209) in the entire NBA.

Brooks has officially become an upper echelon point-guard in the league and has the potential to continue to improve at the age of 25.

Brooke Lopez (C, NJN)

If you don’t know much about Brooke Lopez now, you certainly will after this upcoming season.

Lopez boasts career averages of 15.9 PPG, 8.4 RPG, and 1.7 BPG on 51.2 percent shooting from the field.

At the age of 22, the seven-footer is destined to improve on virtually every statistical category this season.

Last season Lopez posted just under 19 points and 9 rebounds per game, giving us a sign that a double-double per contest is well in reach.

The former Stanford Cardinal has proved very durable during his first two seasons in the league (failing to miss a game) and will be amongst the top centers in the Eastern Conference selected for the All-Star game this year.

Stephen Curry (PG, GS)

Many analysts doubted Stephen Curry and his potential due to his tiny 6’3″ and 183 lb. frame, boy were they wrong.

Curry finished his rookie campaign as one of the top candidates for the ROY award, averaging 17.5 PPG, 5.9 APG (led all rookies), 4.5 RPG, and 1.9 SPG (led all rookies) on 46.2 percent from the field, 43.7 percent from three-point territory, and 88.5 percent from the charity stripe.

Being just 22 years old, the sky is truly the limit for this young and upcoming point-guard.

Curry has potential to become a top five point-guard in the NBA this season with the chance to lead the league in steals per game, three-point shooting percentage, and/or free-throw percentage.

Joakim Noah (C, CHI)

Joakim Noah made a major leap last season when he grabbed down 11.0 rebounds per game (T-6th most in the NBA) along with 10.7 PPG and 1.6 BPG.

With the offseason signing of Carlos Boozer (out until December) Noah’s rebounds could take a hit, but his scoring and blocks per night should continue to rise.

The 25-year old has one of the top point-guards in the NBA in Derrick Rose and if he can manage to stay healthy for the duration of the season, the 6’11″ big man has the upside to emerge as one of the best centers in the league.

Kevin Love (PF, MIN)

Kevin Love ranked 14th in the NBA last season in double-doubles (36) and 10th amongst all big men.

The 6’10″ power-forward will have the opportunity to improve upon last seasons performance when he pulled down 11 rebounds per contest (T-6th best in the NBA) with starting center Al Jefferson shipped to the Utah Jazz.

Love has averaged just 26.7 minutes per game throughout his short two-year career and should see a major increase in playing time this season.

With more PT Love should be able to emerge as a top three rebounder in the NBA.

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Fantasy NBA 2010: "Forget Yao-Bout It" Edition

In this fantasy NBA edition, Brandon Ribak breaks down the risky players for the upcoming season. Due to injuries, these following players should be selected with caution on draft day.

Yao Ming (C, HOU)- Yao suffered a foot injury during the 2009 NBA Playoffs which led to him missing the entire 09'-10' season. (Unfortunate for keeper league owners).

With Yao projected to be back in action for the start of the new season, many would believe that it's safe to draft the 7'6" center on draft day, right? 


According to ESPN and the Houston Chronicle, "Yao will not play more than 24 minutes a game next season in an attempt to limit stress on his bones."

Averaging 24 minutes per contest will not be enough to make Yao a suitable player for any type of fantasy format. 

Forget Yao-bout it, at least for this season.

Kenyon Martin (PF, DEN)- Martin underwent a knee operation this off-season and currently has no timetable for a return.

K-Mart has yet to play a full 82 game season, an obvious sign that injuries have played a factor during his 10 year career in the league.

The 32-year-old out of Cincinnati has potential to be a solid forward in fantasy play when healthy, but without a set date for a return and aging beginning to kick in, it would be safer to let someone else draft Martin on draft day.

Greg Oden (C, POR)- If anybody in the NBA has dealt with the most unfortunate luck throughout the last three seasons, general consensus would say that it's Greg Oden.

Being a victim of the injury bug, Oden has failed to play one full season without going down with a season ending injury. 

Coming off of his most recent knee surgery -- back in December-- which led him to play in only 21 regular season games, General Manager Rich Cho anticipates Oden to return in the next couple of weeks.

Since Cho is simply hoping for Oden to return before the start of the season, it isn't in fantasy owners' best interest to select the former Ohio State Buckeye until the middle to late rounds of the draft. 

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NBA Primetime's 2010-11 Fantasy NBA Draft Guide

NBA Primetime's owner, Brandon Ribak, and a few staff writers came together to create the ultimate fantasy NBA draft guide for all of you fantasy basketball fans out there.

Use our fantasy insight on draft day and be sure to check us out at NBAPrimetime.com for weekly fantasy tips on how to win your fantasy NBA league!

NBA Primetime’s Top Sleepers for the 2010-11 Season

Each and every season there are certain players that receive the opportunity to step up and play a new role for their organization.

These athletes average more playing time per game which ultimately leads to more production.

With the 2010 Fantasy NBA season nearing, here is a list of NBAPrimetime’s Top Fantasy Sleepers to draft onto your team (in no particular order, rookies are excluded from this list).

Darren Collison (PG, IND)- Collison has transitioned from the back-up point-guard role in New Orleans to being the starting one guard after getting dealt to Indiana. Last season Collison enjoyed an impressive rookie campaign, posting 18.8 PPG, 9.1 APG, and 1.4 SPG in 37 starts. With those type of numbers you can expect Collison to be snatched up early on during draft day.

D.J. Augustin (PG, CHA)- Augustin has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his short two year career when getting the chance to play starters minutes. With Raymond Felton now out of the picture Augustin will battle with Shaun Livingston for the starting point-guard role. If he emerges as the favorite he will be a nice sleeper this season.

J.J. Hickson (PF, CLE)- Other than Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison the Cavaliers have no consistent producers aside from young gun J.J. Hickson. Head-coach Byron Scott already announced that Hickson would be the teams starting power-forward for the upcoming season with Jamison coming off of the bench as the sixth man.

During last season when Hickson logged 30+ minutes per game (13 games) the forward averaged 14.3 PPG and 7.1 RPG. With no LeBron James to steal away fantasy production, Hickson should be averaging around a double-double with at least a steal and block per game.

Reggie Williams (SF, GS)- During the final month and a half of the regular season Reggie Williams broke out of the D-League boundaries, placing himself into the fantasy spotlight. In 24 games Williams dropped 15.2 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 2.8 APG, and 1.0 SPG on an impressive 49.5 percent from the field and 83.9 percent from the charity stripe.

With Corey Maggette now in Milwaukee, Williams will most likely fill into the role as the starting small-forward and will certainly be a fantasy sleeper on draft day.

Roy Hibbert (C, IND)- The 7’2″ center made a big leap from his rookie to sophomore year, averaging 11.7 PPG, 5.7 RPG, and 1.6 BPG in 25.1 MPG during his second season. At the age of 23 Hibbert still has much room for improvement, but from the looks of things the big fella is destined to make another giant stride this season. With Troy Murphy shipped to New Jersey, expect the center to grab 7 plus RPG along with over 2 BPG and around 13-15 PPG.

Drew Gooden (PF, MIL)- Although Gooden has played for nine different teams throughout his career, one thing has remained constant. Every team that has allowed him to average 30 plus MPG has received at least 11.3 PPG and 8.3 RPG from the power-forward.

Gooden is an extremely consistent forward that could grab boards in bunches. It looks as if he will land the starting gig in Milwaukee which can only mean good news for fantasy owners that draft the poor man’s Carlos Boozer.

Anthony Randolph (SF/PF, NYK)- In 22.7 minutes per action last season Anthony Randolph managed to score 11.6 PPG while grabbing 6.5 RPG, distributing 1.3 APG, and rejecting 1.5 BPG. The forward has a wingspan well beyond that of a seven-footers and has a very high ceiling for being just 21 years of age.

In Mike D’Antoni’s run and gun system Randolph should be able to excel on both ends of the court. Reports are stating that he will start the season at the small-forward position.

George Hill (PG/SG, SAS)- Hill enjoyed a break-out season with Tony Parker on the sidelines for the majority of the season just last year. With Parker back at full strength Hill won’t be able to emerge as a top guard in the league just yet, but his fantasy value will still be worthy of selecting on draft day.

Amir Johnson/Linas Kleiza (SF, TOR)- Johnson logged 17.7 MPG last season (career-high) while shooting a leagues best 62.3 percent from the field (based on players that played over 60 games last season). With Hedo Turkoglu now on the Phoenix Suns roster the Toronto Raptors will turn to the five-year forward to start at the three spot or Linas Kleiza.

Kleiza averaged 17.1 PPG, 6.5 RPG, and 1.3 APG on 54.0 percent shooting during the Euroleague 09-10 season. The 25 year-old is a terrific shooter and slasher, filling the back-up role for Carmelo Anthony during his first four seasons in the NBA.

On a new Toronto team that is in desperate need of a starting small-forward, Kleiza could get the starting nod ahead of Amir Johnson. If so, Kleiza could post close to the same averages as he did in the Euroleague.


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Fantasy NBA 2010: "Don't Sleep On Em" Edition

As training camp nears (less than three weeks to be exact) fantasy owners tend to get the occasional jitters as draft day approaches.

Instead of researching for the players that will improve based on their new surroundings or system of play, owners tend to base their draft around the top fantasy leaders of the league and those who are predicted to break out.

Forget those projections, and if you're not fortunate enough to obtain the first three picks in your draft, don't bank on selecting Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, or LeBron James.

With that out of the way, you can now focus your attention to the players that you shouldn't be sleeping on in Brandon Ribak's fantasy edition of "Don't Sleep On Em".

Linas Kleiza (SF, TOR)- Not Ranked in top 100 for SF position on CBS and Yahoo! 

Does this name ring a bell? Well, it definitely should. Kleiza was apart of the Denver Nuggets squad from the 05'-06' season up until the 08'-09' season. 

In that time Kleiza made quite a name for himself amongst the Nuggets organization and certainly the fans, averaging 8.3 PPG and 3.5 RPG in 19 MPG during his four years as Carmelo Anthony's back-up.

The Lithuanian joined the Olympiakos in Greece during last offseason and ended up leading the Euroleague in scoring, dropping just under 18 points per contest.

In six games played in the FIBA World Championship thus far, Kleiza is posting an impressive 19.5 PPG and 7.2 RPG on an efficient 55.2 percent shooting for Lithuania. 

Whether you're sold or not, Kleiza has vastly improved his overall game since parting ways with the Denver Nuggets and heads into training camp as the projected starting small —forward for Jay Triano and the Toronto Raptors. 

With starters minutes on a rather young roster, Kleiza will undoubtedly emerge as a top candidate for the Most Improved Player of the Year Award.

Quick Tip - Kleiza should be drafted during the mid-rounds of your draft, don't miss out on his fantasy upside. 

Roy Hibbert (C, IND)- Ranked 26th amongst centers on CBS, not ranked in top 100 for Yahoo! 

11.7 points and 5.7 boards per game doesn't seem all that impressive for a 7'2" center, but let me tell you why this guy is worthy of being selected on draft day.

Hibbert has spent the offseason working on his strength, conditioning, and overall game with Larry Bird's former teammate, the legend Bill Walton. In that time the seven-footer has reportedly dropped his body fat to a ridiculous 10 percent, according to the Indianapolis Star. 

The 23-year old has tons of potential to expand his game and emerge as a fantasy stud this season for two key reasons.

Firstly, the Pacers acquired point-guard Darren Collison via trade in which the young gun will assume the starting role for Indiana. With Collison—who averaged 5.7 APG in 27.8 MPG during his rookie season—being a traditional pass first type of PG, Hibbert will see a surplus of easy buckets around the rim (rising his scoring average).

Secondly, Indiana dealt rebounding machine Troy Murphy to the New Jersey Nets. With Murphy no longer around to snatch 10-12 boards per night Hibbert's rebounding will inevitably increase, giving the center an opportunity to bring down close to 10 rebounds per contest.

Quick Tip - With Collison around and Murphy gone, Hibbert's PPG, RPG, BPG, and FG% should shoot up during the upcoming season. If you decide to wait until the later rounds of your draft to select a center, Hibbert will be a sleeper in all fantasy formats.

J.J. Hickson (PF, CLE)- Ranked 99th out of 100 amongst forwards on CBS, not ranked in top 100 for Yahoo!

Fantasy owners got the opportunity to see glimpses of J.J. Hickson play at his best. Although he was never an option to pick up off of the waiver wire last season, the 22 year-old could become one of the biggest sleepers of the year this season. 

Hickson averaged 9.5 rebounds per 40 minutes last season and will have a chance to average around 8-10 boards per game this year, especially if head-coach Byron Scott decides to give Hickson the starting power-forward role (which he reportedly stated during an NBA Summer League game).

With LeBron James and Big Z out of the way, the ingredients are placed for Hickson to emerge as a perfect fantasy recipe for all fantasy owners. 

Last season Hickson averaged 14.3 PPG and 7.1 RPG in 13 games when he logged 30+ MPG. With virtually no consistent production on the Cavaliers roster outside of Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison (who could be dealt before the trade deadline), imagine what the forward could do for fantasy owners this season

Quick Tip- Draft Hickson in the mid to late rounds of your draft, you'll be happy you did so!

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